Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Good Enough For Me

September 21, 2007 CWO quote of the week:

"If we could understand everything God does, then He'd have to be a small god--small enough to fit in our little minds." ~ Randy Alcorn ~

There are a lot of things in life we’d like to understand. Some things we may eventually learn to understand the why or how it works but others we will never comprehend. Such as the time in my life when I was a young bride fresh out of college ready to start a career and a family. Suddenly I found myself left in the dark on how to identify with why I was diagnosed with epilepsy. A disease the eventually ended my career in the Medical field and put a halt to my family plans.

Hoping to settle down the “why me?” struggle battling for my heart and attention I turned to the scripture found in Proverbs 3:5,6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths.” God was telling me no matter how much I wanted to know it wasn’t for me to understand. Precious time was being wasted trying to figure out the answers to a question that seldom is replied to.

God was at work in my life and I was going to have to get over the fact that there was no memo sent from heaven telling me what was going to happen and why. What I needed was the kind of faith and trust in God that was content with knowing that He was in charge. I wasn’t responsible for Plan B if God’s Plan A didn’t work. All I needed to do was trust in the one who had the directions for the outline of my life.

Indeed if we were able to understand everything that God was doing He would have to be a very small god. One that was small enough to fit in the pocket of our heart. No matter how hard we try to get Him to fit that description, instead of trying to shrink Him to fit into our heart we need to be enlarging our heart and minds to fit Him.

If we are content with not understanding how the heart works that He designed. Or why the retina in the eye functions as it does. Or other features of nature and the human body we need to find that same contentment knowing that God is in charge and He knows what He is doing. Leaning on our own understanding is like trying to lean against a wall that we thought was closer than it was and we find ourselves falling flat on the floor. Definitely not a comfortable position to be in but one we frequently put ourselves into when we get away from the kind of faith and trust we need to be exhibiting in our lives.

Closing Thought: Recently I had the privilege of flying across state lines to a conference I was attending. It was interesting to see God’s enormous artwork functioning as He designed it. From high in the sky the buildings and the cars are often too small to even see. Definitely not seen are the men, women, and children scrambling about. Looking out the window of the plane I thought of the scripture in Hebrews 2:6 that says, “What is man that you are mindful of him…”

We are such tiny little specks in a universe that often stretches out farther than our imagination can comprehend. Yet God sees each and every one of us as He works in our lives. The how or why He would be mindful of us was never meant to be understood but only accepted in faith in the kind of trust that says, “I believe. Knowing God is in control is good enough for me!”

© 2007 Karen J Gillett @ Pencil Marks and Recipes Publishing


lori said...

"knowing God is good enough for me" too!!

Your personal story is moving...and a true testimony of faith and surrendering to the one who 'knows why...'
I am so glad you shared today,
thanks for the blessing!

Denise said...

Amen, really enjoyed this post. Bless you.