Tuesday, September 18, 2007

From Thorns to Gold

September 14, 2007 CWO quote for the week:

They gave our Master a crown of thorns. Why do we hope for a crown of roses. ~~Martin Luther

Unless you have an allergy for roses, everyone seems to appreciate the beauty of them. They love to receive them and give them away. They don’t think about the thorns that someone had to work around to get their bouquet of beauty. Gardening shops everywhere have their line of gloves that help protect against the damage caused by the thorns in order to harvest the rose.

The crown Jesus wore the day of His crucifixion was made from the thorns of a prickly plant or brier as the Greeks called it that was common in Palestine. The thorns were unusually sharp and thick. From the sweetbrier in Palestine grows a single pink rose and berries. Although pleasant as a wild flower, the berries are unfit for food and some forms of the roses are not very fragrant. Frequently the thorns were used as an ancient method of punishment for crimes. The rods of the thorns or briers were used to tear the flesh.

Christ’s punishment that day was our punishment. The thorns used to tear His flesh should have been used to tear our own, as He endured this ancient form of punishment for a crime we were yet to commit.

Wow! From His thorn crown we get salvation. From His thorn crown we get forgiveness, rewards, love and compassion. From His thorns come our roses. A by-product used to make our own crowns. The crown of life, righteousness, and victory tailored made to fit for those willing to be a part of the harvest that Christ planted.

It seems like such an unfair exchange program for us to hope for roses when Christ got thorns. However, that is what Christ wanted, for us to have the roses. Sadly enough we often take the crown offered us and use it for our own glory and power. We think we have the right to crawl up on the throne of our lives and run the show from where we sit. Selfishly we bypass the King of all Kings to get to our own wants without going through the Lord first. Not a very smart move on our part that’s for sure!

Closing Thought:
Humbly we need to return the King’s crown to the one that was meant to hold that position, Jesus Christ. Making the choice to be satisfied with the roses we get from following the one who rightfully should be crowned King. For it was by His wounds we were healed. Healed not to take His place but to put Him where He belongs in our hearts as we take on the role of servants. Good and faithful servants to the King of Kings, the one who no longer wears a crown of thorns but a crown of gold, splendor, and honor. AMEN!

The host for this week's quote is Sting My Heart. Go over there and read and share with others regarding the thorns Christ endured for "a reason" as Iris put it.


Denise said...

I enjoyed your post, bless you.

ellen b. said...

Thanks for this perspective. We do receive blessings on this earth because of His thorns and it will be wonderful to be able to give something back to Him for all He's done.

MiPa said...

Beautiful post! Bless you for sharing.

Angie said...

Very well put! Enjoyed reading that so much!
Be blessed :)

Bonnie W said...

Karen, I was one of those florists who endured the pricks and pokes of roses, especially on holidays like Mother's Day and Valentine's Day. It was nothing to have 30 bunches of roses to strip the thorns from (with 25 roses per bunch.)

I really enjoyed your post today.