Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Controlling Your Attitude~~~~~ In Udder Words Tuesday

No matter what difficulty you encounter, “maintaining” the right attitude will be much easier than “regaining” the right attitude 

“You need to control your attitude. I don’t like your attitude! You need to change your attitude! You have an attitude, girl!” are all phrases we have heard or said ourselves. If you think about it everything in life is attached to our attitude or our attitude is attached to everything in life. It doesn’t matter where we are or who we are with our attitude plays a role in how far we get in life and how successful we turn out to be.

To have the right attitude from the beginning saves us a lot of trouble later on correcting what our bad attitude has created. It’s like that pesky thing that is constantly getting into trouble where you have to come along and fix the damage it has done. In other words we need to be in control of our attitudes instead of our attitude controlling us.

The important thing to remember is to maintain the correct attitude from the very start. Problem with this advice is some people have different ideas what a “correct” attitude is. Telling people what you think no matter what the consequences or how many people are hurt by it is some people’s idea of a “right” attitude. Bullying others, getting whatever we want, treating others poorly believe it or not are some people’s idea of “right” attitudes.

Back in the good old days a part of a kid’s upbringing use to be to teach them how to have the “right” attitude. Unfortunately now in society the adults have attitudes just as bad as or worse than kids do. This is something that needs to be corrected for sure. We need to start out with life with the right attitude, an attitude not centered on “ME” and me alone. One that is out to succeed, not out to trample down anyone who gets in our way. An attitude that is the same as Christ, who would never bully anyone, put others down be arrogant, rude, or self-seeking.

Once we have the right attitude we need to maintain it thru the thick and thin in life, through good times and bad. It should never change like the wind, dry out like the desert, nor get washed away like the footprints on the ocean beach. When we maintain the right attitude we won’t have to come along and try to “regain” the right one or “undo” its damages after we react poorly to difficult situations.

If a truck driver can drive around with a sticker on their truck that says, “How’s my driving, call this number.” We need to do the same with our attitude as if someone could report us to our Heavenly Father. We should care about what others see in us because once again our attitude will be our driving force to success or failure, good or bad, peace or turmoil. What in your attitude today? Is it truly something worth maintaining or do you need an attitude adjustment?

Sadly enough I’d have to answer those questions for myself, “Yes and No.” Sometimes it’s good sometimes it’s not so good depending on the situation. Wrong answer, Karen. Maintenance is the key. Get the right attitude from the beginning and keep it. Control your attitude don’t let it control you.
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