Tuesday, January 8, 2013

In Udder Words ~~~~~~~~Giving God our ALL

Proverbs 3:5,6 Lean on, trust in, and be confident in the Lord with all your heart and mind and do not rely on your own insight or understanding. In all your way know, recognize, and acknowledge Him, and He will direct and make straight and plain your paths.                 Amplified Bible


Why is it that we are always one phone call away, one moment away, or one conversation away from shattering life changing news? As unpleasantly true as it is we can’t go around living our lives as if it was fact and not fiction. Wow, imagine that!  We’d all be living in fear of the next “moment.” Now there is a phobia for you that could do a lot of damage.


Instead of living in fear of that next moment we need to be prepared in a different way for it. Our preparation begins with leaning on, trusting in, and being confident in the Lord with all our heart and mind. Stop! Back the typewriter up right there; did you just type, “All your heart and mind?” Sorry to burst any proofreading bubbles looking for typos but that is what I typed, and more importantly it’s what God wrote in His word for our guidance, giving God our ALL.

What God said in Proverbs 3 is exactly what we are to do with ALL of our heart, mind, as well as our soul because that is what follows. The crack in our foundation that keeps us from being totally prepared is the fact that we have the tendency to hold back bits and pieces of our heart and mind for ourselves. We love the Lord, we believe in Him and we think that is enough. However, the minute we hold back pieces of ourselves for ourselves that is where Satan gets his foothold into our lives. It is the very place where the damage to our faith and trust in God begins.


We need to forget trying to lean on our own understanding because try as we might there are things in life we will never understand. It’s up to us to know and acknowledge God as we allow Him to do the leading, the guiding, the straightening of our somewhat crooked paths. It’s up to us to trust in and be confident in Him.


Too often we lose our confidence when we see bad things happening to us. “If I can trust and lean on God then why did this or that happened to me or my love one” Once again God never promised us a pain-free, no storm, no trouble life if we lean on and rely and trust in Him. What His promises tell us is that He can walk us through the storms in life and get us through to the other side. The journey between the two destinations is where we learn, grow, and mature into the people God designed us to be.


Right now in my heart as I type I battle with something having to do with my dad. The news may be bad, it may be not so bad, it may be ok but I won’t know until we talk to the doctor early this morning. I confess the first thought that popped into my mind wasn’t, “Oh I’m leaning on the Lord for this one.” No, my human reaction beat my spiritual response and I worried that the news may be cancer.


We can’t stop those thoughts from popping into our heads but we are responsible for whether we allow them to build a nest there or not. The minute they come we need to stop and say to them, “No! Accessed to my heart denied!” Refute them permission to stay as we decide we are not going to lean on our own understanding but lean on God’s instead.


God is in control still no matter what the news we receive. Our confidence comes from knowing that in our hearts and living it out in our choices in life, our attitudes, and our actions. Relying on God with ALL our ways with ALL our hearts is the way to go as anything else is only a temporary fix that will eventually fail.


God will not fail us; we need to make sure we do the same for Him as ALL our faith is in Him in ALL our ways. He’s reliable and we need to be too. Now not later is the time to give Him our ALL.



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