Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Best Knowledge

“And as I watch your chest rise and fall,
my hands tremble at the miracle of life I am witness to every single day.

I have both raged at God and fallen before Him in thanksgiving in the midst of this journey
and my love for you has taught me that faith is undefinable,
that love is the cornerstone in all the great mysteries of this life.
I do not have any more answers than when we began…”

~Kayla Aimee, www.kaylaaimee.com, From A Letter to My Daughter

Taking it from where Kayla left off on her letter to her daughter I think of my daughter and grandchildren. Children in general and the miracle of life they are. It’s amazing how the whole cycle of life works. Whoever would have thought that such tiny fingers and toes can grow in proportion to one another into large hands and feet and the same for the rest of the body. As much as we would like to have all the answers on how it works we don’t. We are human and it would do us well to remember that.

The best knowledge we can have is the know-how on how to secure our undefinable faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. To sit and enjoy the fact that love is the cornerstone of all the great mysteries of this life. Including the mystery of birth, death, growing up and growing old and so much more.

We don’t need all the answers because we have our faith in God. To go along with the mystery of passing on DNA, hereditary traits such as the shape of our nose or just how large our feet might get we need to pass on the best and most important knowledge there is, the knowledge of God. The true miracle of birth is the birth of a saint, someone who has made that choice to give their lives to God. We have no knowledge of how they will grow up but we can watch it happen and help along the way.

Ever since my granddaughter Marissa was baptized and my other granddaughter Brooke I watch them grow up spiritually. Each year I celebrate their baptismal date, the day they were spiritually born. I buy them gifts that will help them in their growth. Sometimes the process seems to be slower than what I would like but that’s okay I know the best knowledge there is, the knowledge that God is walking them through this whole process no different than a young child that was just born.

So to my daughter and grandchildren I tip my hat and say, “I love you, to the Lord I dedicate you into His hands to grow in Him. To experience daily the miracle of birth and the process it begins and the journey that will continue forever. Walk well, seek God, keep your eye on the finish line of Heaven. Meet me on the other side my love ones, I’ll be waiting! Me and Jesus and all the other saints that have gone before each of us. Journey well. Journey strong in the Lord as you pack with you the best knowledge there is, the knowledge of Jesus Christ.”

© 2012 Karen Gillett @ Pencil Marks and Recipes


Loni said...

BEAUTIFUL . . . and love your blessing to them at the end. What priceless treasures we are blessed with!

Cin said...

The title yoked me from the get go. And yes, sometimes the process is so slow in my time, but I always remind myself, like you, that it's His time, not mine. I love that you celebrate their Baptism Day. That's an idea I believe I'll have to put into action within my own home.

Thank you for participating today.

All thru Him,