Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Boots on the Ground

It’s not so much that God has a mission for His church in the world as that God has a church for His Mission in the world.” Christopher J.H. Wright “The Mission of God”

In reading this quote I think of the phrase, “which comes first the chicken or the egg. Good question if you think about it. Same with this quote as the first thing that God created was the world, then He had a mission for the world, and then comes the church to be the one to perform that mission. With that all put in order one has to ask now, “What is the mission?”

What is God’s mission statement? In a writer’s class I was in the leader had the class write out our mission in 10 words or less. Being a woman of many words, especially typed words, that was not an easy task. To try and cram all I wanted to say in ten words or less seemed impossible. After all that count is only double the amount of words in the first sentence of this paragraph. Unfortunately I didn’t say all I wanted to say in that first sentence and five more words wouldn’t help.

After struggling with my assignment this is what I came up with. My mission statement: Enhancing within the House of God closer walks with Jesus. There you have it, plain and simple. God’s mission statement is plain as well, He is out to make disciples that are obedient to His will and purpose.

Our mission as the church is to carry that out and make disciples for Jesus. It starts with us and it spreads from there. It’s not a matter of numbers in a church building that can be counted it’s a matter of obedient boots on the ground disciples willing to surrender all they have to march in God’s army and follow Him.

From the original mission spreads many missions to accomplish, that once again starts with us. Boots on the ground ready Christians willing to do their part in furthering God’s kingdom, one disciple at a time.

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Miriam Pauline said...

Great post Karen! Love your mission statement. Thanks for joining the conversation.

Have a Great end to 2011 and blessings for the new year.