Sunday, October 2, 2011

Karen's Crossings Her not Me

Recently at a funeral of a local farmer killed in an accident my niece Stephanie had one of her seizures she frequently has. As I knelt nearby in support of her and my sister I began to cry as I watched her go through the motions I once did when I had seizures. Part of the tears that surfaced was tears from a longing to see her cured as I was cured.

However, the majority of the tears this time were from something I remembered her saying to me nine months ago. Just before Christmas when I was diagnosed with breast and bone cancer she revealed to me her recent prayers. “Aunt Karen,’ she said. ‘I have been praying for you to be cured of your breast cancer. I told God it was okay to hold off on curing me if it freed Him up enough to cure you Aunt Karen.”

The tears that flowed then are still flowing as I think about what she was saying. Although she has been dominated by seizures most of her life she was willing to set that aside to see me cured of my breast cancer. Her request to the Lord was, “Her not Me.” It was a precious thought that demonstrated her love for me in a very large way.

As I remained at her side while her seizure completed its course I thought of how wonderful it is to know there is enough of God to go around for everyone to love and enjoy. He is bigger than we think and more powerful than we could ever realize. He doesn’t have to hold off curing one person in order to be able to heal another. It’s not up to us to know why one person manages to get cured of their disease while another struggles with theirs. All that matters is our love and faith in the one who is capable of healing, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ

This week my niece is going in to the hospital again to have her seizures monitored in hopes of finding the cure needed to free her from her disease. During this time let us lock our shields of faith together and lift her before the Lord as we pray without ceasing for God to wrap His loving arms around her. That He will hold her there in loving protection as He works out His will in her life.

October is breast cancer awareness month. Let’s make it also the month of awareness of God and the greatness of His power and the depth of His love.

I love you Steph! I love you Jesus!

**This is a scarf I made in 2010 for Breast Cancer awareness month. Who would have known the next year I would be adding my own name. Trust, its all about trust. No one knows what the futures hold.

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