Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Winning for Jesus

“He who has no sense of self-importance cannot be offended or defeated.” W. Phillip Keller

I’m not sure where the author of this quote was coming from but in one light what he said looks like a good thing. Those who have no sense of self-importance cannot be offended or defeated. Sounds good, sounds strong. “I cannot be defeated nor offended by no one! I have no sense of self-importance.” Now that didn’t sound too good.

In a different light we can see this as those who have no sense of self-importance can’t be offended or defeated because they have already defeated themselves practically. If you have no concept of self-importance then you don’t care what people may say about you because you feel that way already. You can’t defeat something that isn’t trying to fight or win in the first place.

Whatever the reasoning for this statement it is important to find a balance in all this. We need to find that area in between the typical two extremes of having too much sense of self-importance and those who have none at all. An area in the middle where we know and realize we are all important. We should never think of ourselves more important than others but we definitely are more important than what Satan would like us think.

I’ve lived on the extreme at the bottom where my sense of self-importance wasn’t worth a hill of beans. Hill of beans? Back then they weren’t that expensive but now-a-days it may be worth a lot more. Ha ha. Back to the subject. I didn’t figure I was important enough to be beat. There was no defeating me because I had already defeated myself. I was playing the part of my own worse enemy. Latter I found out that the thumb that had me pinned down to the ground was attached to me.

Once again we need to bring ourselves back the middle and find our balance. When we do this we will be able to stand up against the schemes of the devil and win for Jesus instead. In Eph 6:13 it talks about putting on the armor of God in order for us to take our stand against the devil’s schemes. It goes on to say after we have done everything to stand then we need to stand firm with the armor of God in place.

In other words, we are without excuse if we are defeated. We’ve been defeated by our own powers, our own attitudes, our own foolish thinking and choices. God arms us with all we need to win and we need to take advantage of that and do so. If we are important enough for God we need to be important enough to ourselves to do all we can to win for Jesus.

© 2011 Karen J Gillett @ Pencil Marks and Recipes Publishing


Debbie said...

Karen, I think sometimes as Christians we don't always realize who we are in Christ. In ourselves, we are human and I think often struggle with pride. We want to feel like somebody worth something and to be treated with respect.

When I truly realize how much God loves me and what He did in saving me from my sins through Jesus ...I'm overwhelmed. We are so important to Him and He loves us so. Because of that, I can submit to Him because I know that He knows what's best for me. After all, He created me and knows my heart best. I have to admit that I wish I wasn't in the position I am right now but I'm learning to trust Him and enjoy those everyday blessings.

Sorry this comment is so long. You are very special and I'm glad we're sisters in Christ.

Blessings and love,

Miriam Pauline said...

Yes, the balance is what is missing in this quote. I, too, struggled with agreeing somewhat but not really sure. Thank you for putting into words what I was feeling and not able to articulate.