Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The test of Time

“Inevitably, the calendar crowds out the Spirit and the face of the clock hides the face of God. Prayer ceases to be the free breath of a ransomed soul and becomes a duty to be fulfilled. From “Transforming Prayer” by Daniel Henderson”

Busy, busy, busy, we always seem to be busy don’t we? Our calendars show it; our amount of time spent on the run shows it. We don’t need to be someone on the road traveling across the country to be “busy” we can be too busy watching TV or being lazy to spend time with God.

It is said that if we look at our checkbook we can see what the most important thing in our life is. It reflects where God stands. Our time and how we spend it does the same. If we would stop and take a long look at what we have done with our time would our actions pass the “test of time?” How many times do we grab for our cell-phones verses grabbing for our Bibles. How important is it to us to read our emails than read God’s word. Do we talk more on the phone than we talk to God? Are we a lot more excited about getting a text message from someone than we are a message from God?

With my head bowed low I raise my hand in guilt admitting I’m one of those people that are anxious to see if I’ve got any “new messages” on my phone, facebook, or email. I have to stop once in awhile and ask myself, “How many times in a day do I do that with God. Anxiously looking to see if He had a message for me, eager to hear what He has to say.”

It’s important that our reverence for God be reflected in our time and on our daily calendar. If its not then soon our conversation with God becomes more of a duty to fulfill, “Oh I forgot to pray today I better hurry up and get it done,” rather than a random act of keeping in touch with our Heavenly Father.

As our calendars on our cellphones are set to remind us of an appointment or special occasion we need to add God into the mixture. “Need to add” is the key. It would do us well to remember the only things that get on our calendars are the things we put there. They don’t get there by themselves; we are the ones who have to make the effort to load it with its information. So the next time we are putting something on our calendars why not add, “Remember to spend time with God today!”

We can’t be throwing God the crumbs and leftovers of our time, efforts, energies or money and expect to get His full blessings. It just doesn’t work that way. It will never pass the test of time but adding God to our social calendar instead of taking Him off will. It’s a test that will show where our priorities are and where the waste begins.

© 2011 Karen J Gillett @ Pencil Marks and Recipes Publishing


Debbie said...

Karen, I too have been guilty of this. I get so busy and try to fit God into the mix. But when I take the time to sit in His presence and worship and praise Him, I am changed. It really is amazing that He desires to spend time with us, isn't it?

Great thoughts on this quote. Thank you for participating today.

Blessings and love,

Tami Boesiger said...

Our priority on God should be reflected in how we spend our time. Well said.