Tuesday, June 7, 2011

None Too Little, None Too Small

“ If we can trust God for our eternal salvation, how can we not trust Him to provide for the “little” things of life?” ~M.E.Howard

Where was it ever written that God was only in charge of the “big stuff” like eternal salvation? We can read the Bible from front to back and back to front and we will not find such a message anywhere. Unfortunately somewhere in life we started to live as if it was written, tried, and true that God was above dealing with the “little” things in life.

To be perfectly honest we would be the last to admit we are living off that theory. However, there’s enough evidence to prove otherwise. As noble as it may sound God doesn’t need our help with the little things so He can maintain the bigger things in life. What He needs from us is our trust with all areas of our lives not just the “bigger stuff.”

Think about it, it’s a wonderful thing to know that our needs, prayer requests, petitions are not weighed on a scale of severity. A scale where bigger things come first and then if God has time for the “little” things then He will eventually get around to it. In an emergency room in a hospital you may see a sign that says, “People are seen in the order of severity” but with God you won’t see such a sign. A sign that says, “Prayers are answered in the order of severity or size.”

Years ago when I was on switchboard at a doctor’s office I had a patient call me. Come to find out she was sitting at our urgent care center waiting to be seen. She didn’t think she was getting in fast enough so she called the switchboard hoping to get connected with someone who could get her in quicker. I reminded her of the need to see the more severe patients first and that they will get to her as soon as possible and they did. Instead of being labeled “left without being seen” her patience got her the attention she was seeking.

God doesn’t operate on “order of severity” there is enough of Him to go around for everyone. Years ago when my life was at its worse I seemed to be on the prayer sheet at church more than the standard weekly greeting at the top of page. I often wondered if I was taking God away from other things more important than having to deal with me.

How foolish! The fact is there is enough of God to go around. He is greater than we give Him credit for. One of the most wonderful things about God is the fact that He isn’t bothered with having to deal with the “little” things in life. To Him they are just as important as something as big as preparing our eternal home.

What is required of us is patience and trust. We can’t be like the lady visiting the Immediate Care Center thinking she wasn’t getting in fast enough. God cares about the little and the big, no one will be overlooked, overshadowed, or disregarded. Instead of leaving His presence without being seen we need to stay and trust that indeed there are none too little or none too small. Praise the Lord!

© 2011 Karen J Gillett @ Pencil Marks and Recipes Publishing


Marsha @Spots and Wrinkles said...

THANK GOODNESS, God doesn't operate on "order of severity."

What a wonderful encourging reminder that there is "enough of Him to go around."

Blessings to you, Karen.

Carol said...

"What He needs from us is trust in Him for all things, not just the big stuff" . . . So true!

I enjoyed your post. Blessings!