Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Same Face

No one man, for any considerable period, can wear one face to himself, and another to the multitude, without finally getting bewildered as to which may be the true. Nathaniel Hawthornen

Believe it or not when I read this quote it took me as far back as the 60’s. Yes, I go back that far. No comments from the cyber section! Back in the days of grade school and growing up in spite of our ignorance we were smart. We had the art of spotting a “two faced” person down to an exact science perhaps because it was so easy. Those who played the role acted a certain way around you then were totally different kids around other crowds.

Back then it seemed like it was more intentional than unintentional. It usually sprung from the desire to fit in and be a part of a crowd. To be popular with all was a strong motive behind this behavior. As grown ups the tendency to be two-faced is still there although the motive may have changed some what. It can be more unintentional in some ways and also done because we actually choose who we want to see the “real” us.

A few weeks ago we did a quote about wearing masks. When I look at the two subjects I see dissimilar reasons for each behavior. A mask is used to cover or hide behind something. When someone is being two-faced they seem to take on a totally different personality hiding nothing except the fact of how they act around others.

I’ve used this illustration before but it fits so well I’ll use it again. It’s the one about a lady from our church who was married to a non-Christian. One day as she was answering the phone and she found out it was someone from the church she perked up and got really friendly. When she got off the phone her husband pointed out she was a totally different person around her church friends than she was around him. It opened her eyes to something she didn’t even realize she was doing.

Playing this charade long enough of wearing one face to yourself and another to others could get very bewildering at times. It’s like what they say about those who tell a lie. They seem to have to work harder at remembering exactly the lie they told so they can make it appear the truth that it winds up being easier to have just told the truth.

Our “real” us should be something we are willing to show off to everyone. Unfortunately some people are very proud of the real “them” and you almost wished they would hide it. But that’s a totally different subject. We don’t need “two” subjects, just the one that will help us look at ourselves long enough to see, “Do I act that differently around one as I do to another?”

With the goal of shining for Jesus we need the same light to be on for all, the light of Christ. If we don’t those around us, especially the non-Christians, will be like those grade school kids. They may be ignorant to Christ’s ways but yet smart enough to spot this behavior a mile away.

The other day my husband and I were trying to describe a heater we bought for our house to our cousin. The biggest plus outside of saving us money was the fact that the heat it put out was “even.” The whole house was evenly heated. You don’t freeze in the kitchen and roast in the living room. That is how we need to be, even. The cheery pleasant Christian side we show to some should be something evenly distributed for all to see.

Bad days don’t require a “different” face but one that shows I’m still who I am in Christ and different circumstances and people will never change that. The "same old, same old" is a good thing when done in Christ. Amen? Amen!

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Tami Boesiger said...

May God help us only have one face, huh? I pray He cleans me up enough to do so. Thanks for participating Karen.