Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mirror, Mirror

“Because I am loved by God, I can confess my flaws – laziness, grouchiness, self-doubt- and trust God to keep on transforming me. I no longer need to appear perfect to friends, family, and anyone who attends my high-school reunion.” ~Jan Johnson~
As I looked into the mirror trying to apply the next layer of makeup before running off to work I stopped to think about the before and after picture my mirror was just exposed to. Fresh out of bed I wasn’t the best sight to see as my hair was going wherever it wanted to, my blemishes shined, and my chapped lips displayed as many cracks as my skin near the side of my eyes. After applying a little of this and a lot of that a different picture began to develop. On days when I don’t get up early enough to apply the make up I opt to stay home as opposed to having people see what I really look like without it!

So goes the story of the physical side of me but what about the spiritual side? You know, the “real” me under all the masks I try to wear to hide my flukes and flaws. What a wonderful thing it is that I don’t need to get up early in the morning to cover up but I get to get up to uncover, to confess my flaws instead of decorate them up. I get to let it all out before God instead of tuck it all under in hopes of no one noticing the battle of the buldge going on.

What a wonderful love we have in Christ a love that allows us to be who we are so He can help us to become who we can be in Him. We don’t have to fear Him seeing the “real” us because He already knows and He loves us anyway. How often have we tried to hide a few secrets about ourselves from those around us in fear that they wouldn’t love us anymore? We don’t have that fear with God.

On the God’s potter wheel He transforms those flukes and flaws into something of great beauty. Remember ceramics class in school? I do, I wasn’t the greatest at it. I have the ashtray I made mom and dad still to prove it! The same clay was put on each wheel but the same finished product wasn’t taken off. God can take us and transform us into something so amazing if we would just learn how to ride the potter’s wheel.

We don’t need a good paint job with Him to cover up our imperfections. We don’t need to hurry up and lose 15 pounds before going to Him like we try to do just before our class reunion. We have nothing to hide with God because to Him nothing is hidden. He sees us as we are and keeps on going with us, transforming us where we need transform molding us into something of tremendous beauty. A beauty inside that lasts forever, never fading, always shining.

It begins with coming to God and confessing instead of concealing. A task that turns out to be for our own good as it sits us down long enough to take a good look at ourselves and where we need to apply the art of self improvement via Christ. Once we do, along with God, we get the same privilege as our mirror does, one that sees both a before and after picture of a finished product worth waiting for.

© 2010 Karen J. Gillett @ Pencil Marks and Recipes Publishing


Chocolate and Coffee said...

Great wisdom Karen! Thanks so much for participating today. Blessings!

janet said...

Worth waiting for indeed!

Tami Boesiger said...

I thank God He's at the wheel. Thanks Karen.