Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Entire Course

“Like any mom, at times I’ve felt like a failure. And other times I’ve felt as if God reached down and added an extra touch of sunshine to the day.” By author Tricia Goyer, on her webpage

In the life of a mom or anyone else there are going to be those most define moments of ups and downs. We are going to fail for real. We are going to fail not for real but only in our minds. At times it will feel as if God made a special trip just to sprinkle sunshine on our day while other moments feel like the darkness will never end. Either way can speed up the journey or slow it down tremendously.

It is said that in parenting it’s the days that seem long but the years seem short. Long or short, fast or slow on this journey we need to be sure and stay away from the trap Satan likes to put before us. The trap of feeling like a failure and as if God has left us in the dark.

It is from the trap of feeling like a failure that Satan beats us over the head with the stick of guilt to keep us down. The words he uses to echo in our minds and hearts pen us down to the point we find it difficult to get back up. Words such as, “Oh you’re not good enough. Look at what you did. If you only would have done that. She makes a better mom than you do…….” and his list goes on and on and the stick gets bigger and bigger.

The key to the whole thing is the words “at times.” There’s no doubt about it that there will be moments in our lives where we will fail but we don’t have to feel like a failure. These incidents should be allowed to stay only long enough to grab on to the lessons we can learn not the guilt we can tie ourselves up with. After all a failure is not someone who has fallen but one who stays down and won’t get back up.

Praise the Lord for those flashes of sunshine used to get us going again at the right time and place. I’ve seen it myself in the form of a rainbow show in the sky He put on just for me. It showed up once in the form of an unexpected card in the mail. A deer in my yard, a song in my heart, a sprout of a seed I thought would never take root in my daughter.

Failing one test doesn’t cause us to fail the whole course of being a mom, only we can do that.

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Karen said...

Advice that Moms need to hear - young and old!

godsown said...

Encouraging post!