Monday, June 8, 2009

The One in Charge

“We need to get to the point where we are tired of God just being a resident of our life and make Him President of our life, the Commander and Chief, the One in charge.” David Jeremiah

Working where I am now for over 10 years I have seen several CEO’s that have come and gone. Some left by their own choice. Others were simply asked to leave, while others were voted out with a “no confidence” ruling. No matter what the end result of their term, their beginning is always the same.

The owners bring them in to do wonders for the business. First thing that happens is all control is relinquished to them to operate as they see fit for all involved. They are not given partial control, or control here and there, or “at our convenience” kind of control. No, it’s all or nothing. After gaining control over the business they begin their job. How long they stay depends on how well they do. Some succeed, some fall short. Others can’t seem to get past the “confidence” category of those they are working for.

It’s a given fact that not everyone is going to agree with what they do and the decisions they make but just the same a good commander and chief can do wonders for a company. We have a Commander and Chief given to us in our spiritual lives and it’s up to us to bring Him into our hearts with every intention to relinquish all control over to Him.

Ever since the beginning of time it seems like we have been holding back that “all or nothing” clause that allows us to keep a bit for ourselves. Adam and Eve held back a piece for themselves. The Israelites thought they could handle hanging on to a bit of the control. Even Jonah tried to prove he knew better than the commander and chief himself. All situations lead to a dead end when they could have been avoided if they had just allowed God to have the control He expects us to turn over when we ask Him into our lives.

For some odd reason the thought of someone else running our lives just really gets to us. The graduating class of 2009 along with the many other graduating classes before them is thinking that right now. They are free as birds to do as they see fit with no one in control but themselves. Unfortunately that is a short lived dream just before reality sets in rather harshly. Soon we learn that we’re not all that great at being in control.

It’s when we come to these crossroads in our lives that we have to make that decision to make God more than just a resident in our life. No, He needs to be made President, the Commander and Chief, the One in charge. We are the ones that hold the hiring and firing power within our hearts, in our actions, and behavior.

Surprisingly enough by giving up control we are gaining control over ourselves through Jesus Christ. We may not always understand why He does what He does. Or allows what He allows but we can rest assure that we can always have confidence in Him if we would only trust Him to do what He was designed to do and we weren’t, and that is to run our lives.

We are the residence. He is the one in charge. The establishment of that authority as well as priority sets the stage for further accomplishments and greater gains yet to come. Praise the Lord.

© 2009 Karen J. Gillett @ Pencil Marks and Recipes Publishing


writingcanvas said...

Thank you so much for sharing this week and for hosting this quote. It was very thought provoking! THANK YOU!

Denise said...

Well said sweetie.

Debbie said...

God is the One in charge and how glad I am of that. I just need to surrender and allow Him that role. Thanks for hosting and choosing a great quote, Karen.

Chocolate and Coffee said...

Thank you for a great post. Blessings!

MiPa said...

Lovely post!

Denise Hughes said...

Thank you for choosing such a great quote. You are right that we are not very good at being in control; we always mess things up sooner or later. It is so much better to let God lead.

I'm sorry that I couldn't fully participate this week due to all the graduation festivities for my daughter.

Denise Hughes :)