Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Proceeding with Faith

“There are things known, and there are things unknown. And in between are the doors.” by Jim Morrison

When I first read this quote my imagination went straight to the movie “Willie Wonka.” As Gene Wilder was showing off his chocolate factory to the five lucky winners the first thing they did was go through a door that lead to another door. Immediately they encountered a problem with the hall in-between becoming narrow. Eventually Gene gets them turned around and they think they are going out the same door they came in. Once they opened the door they saw the inside of the factory not the outside and the adventure truly began.

There’s no doubt about it, life is an adventure going from the known to the unknown. It consists of door after door that we need to enter in order to go through. Well duh, no door is any good unless we use it. Some of the doors are locked. Others slam in our face while others hit us in the backside. Whatever kind it is leading us to the unknown, we need to continue going forward in faith knowing there are more doors ahead. If we stick with Jesus we won’t find ourselves sitting out in the hall with no place to go wondering, “Isn’t that the door I just came from?”

When life was on the rough side people would tell me that wherever God closes a door somewhere He opens a window. At the time it didn’t feel so true. Doorknob after doorknob I had tried to turn but was getting no where. Where was the window? Were they all boarded up to? After years of repeating that statement to the next generation was it going to stop with me? No way, not me! I wasn’t going to be the one to try and prove this theory wrong because it wasn’t. It was my attitude and lack of faith that needed the shining light of truth on them.

The old TV game show “Let’s Make a Deal” was full of many doors to choose from. You had to take a chance because you had no idea what was behind door number one, two, or three. Before you even got to see what was behind one door they would try to get you to trade it for what was behind another curtain. The end results for some were good while others blindly traded a car behind door number 2 for a donkey behind curtain number 3.

Sounds like a game Satan likes to play with us. Before we even get to certain doors he convinces us we have no options, the doors ahead are all closed, or he has a better door or entry way to offer. As we would tell our kids we need to tell ourselves, “We are not here to play games.” Let’s not make a deal, we are here to walk forward with Christ and trust He knows where He’s going. The fingerprints on the doorknobs should be His. We are the ones that hold the key that unlocks many a doors, the key of our faith. The lock is found on the inside not the outside. Sometimes it may be, “proceed with caution” but it’s always, “proceed with faith.” Time in the hall is time with God to get to your next door use it wisely to rest and refuel instead of panic and pity.

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