Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Just be thankful for what you have and appreciate it

This catchy saying I ran across was very similar to others I had in my collection. Should I keep it? Should I throw it out and try for something different? Why in the world would I need this phrase that echoed the advice of many others? It didn’t take me long to answer my own questions. It was because it was a point that needed to be made on a daily basis as many times as possible.

I was guilty as charged in my heart of not being thankful for what I did have. I was too busy concentrating on what I didn’t have or what was taken away from me. The last thing on my mind and heart was appreciating what I had. What was the point when there wasn’t that much to be appreciative of? I was entitled to my period of mourning over my loses and “couldn’t have’s” and I was determined to get in all that time I could, even setting the time frame I had to accept what had happened to me in my life.

I was putting God through a time period of punishment for what life had handed me. In God’s word He never promises an easy life. He never guarantees smooth travel and quick arrivals. What He does promise us is strength, love, eternal life, forgiveness, inner peace and a Spirit within us that will see us through anything we run across on life’s road. If that isn’t enough to be thankful for and appreciate then we have a problem.

And a problem is exactly what I had with stress seizures ruling my life. It was time to change if I ever wanted the ultimate cure and freedom from seizures dominating and haunting me day in and out. Giving up my right to be angry at my situation was not going away easy but that was my fault due to the attitude I had adopted in my heart. Throw this catchy saying away? No way, I had other things that needed to go that were more important.

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