Sunday, June 8, 2008

Be Content and Satisfied

Continuing with my "catchy saying" collection, this one I found was short and to the point as most of my collection was. Exactly what I needed to concentrate on. The phrase “be content and satisfied” almost sounded like something mom use to say about being happy with what you got. It wasn’t easy fighting seizures on a regular basis. If I wasn’t having seizures I was hard at work trying to prevent them from coming in the first place. How in the world could I be content, happy, pleased, and comfortable with that let alone be satisfied or fulfilled?

It seemed like an awful lot to ask for but I knew if I was going to conqueror my stress seizures I was going to have to accept the fact that I needed to be content AND satisfied. Holding back the littlest discontent would only take away from what I was trying to accomplish and that was overcoming my seizures brought on by stress. I didn’t have to like the fact I had seizures but I could accept the fact I was an epileptic and seizures were a part of it. Being pleased about all this was totally out of the question but then again maybe not. I could at least be pleased with the fact I had a family to back me, a Lord who wasn’t going to leave me, and decent health outside my seizures.

It seemed silly to have so many different catchy sayings connected to the same theme pasted all over my house but it didn’t matter. It was a big issue that needed to be drilled into my heart as well as my head. After all, if you think about it, that is one of the biggest things connected to stress is the fact that people are very discontent and constantly unsatisfied. We never seem to be happy with anything. We are constantly in a search for something bigger or better. No, the two needed to go together and it was something I had to live if I wanted my seizures to die.

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