Sunday, May 4, 2008

We can live with or without things if we would just adjust

This catchy saying echoed a teaching my parents tried to instill in my head early in life but I evidently didn’t listen. Because of my epilepsy I had to do without some things and dwelling on that list was only causing more stress seizures. There were things I didn’t need and could live without but I refused to adjust to my new situation. After all subsequent to the age of 12 no one should have to adjust from what they are accustomed to right? Wrong!
There is no golden age, no set decade, or pre-approved time frame that we can stop changing and stay the way we are in our attitude and maturity. Instead of pouting over what I didn’t have I needed to think about what I did have or even could have in the future.
Living without a driver’s license was going to take adjusting that’s for sure. It was made easy by the many wonderful people and resources reaching out to fill that need in my life. I could live without not being able to have the children I wanted to have. Going against doctor’s order I managed to be the mother of one and what a blessing that was. Raising a child, having seizures, and unable to work took enough adjusting to keep me preoccupied for years to come.

Staying in one spot, fighting against the inevitable is a dead end street. There are times when we do need to learn to adjust and make the most out of the situations we find ourselves in. They may resolve themselves or stay the way they are but we ourselves don’t have to. God is there to help us with our adjustments, giving us the spirit we need to endure, and overcome the things we have to learn to live with and without. The rest of the responsibility is ours. Thanks to the Lord we don’t have to do it alone. Praise the Lord.

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