Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Let go of the lead rope and let God do the leading

As much as I knew I wasn’t doing a good job of leading I found it difficult to let go of the lead rope of my life. I had plans and what was so wrong about wanting to keep them? Perhaps if I held on tighter I could win this tug-a-war I started. Wrong! The catchy saying that had caught my eye was stuck in my heart for a reason. If I was going to win over my stress seizures I was going to have to let go of not only the lead rope but all the other little strings along the way that was just adding to my stress level and causing more seizures.

String by string, rope by rope the connections were severed. Slowly God was doing the leading and it was me who was following Him around. Before I knew it stress seizures were disappearing. How could something so simple have such a big affect? I couldn’t figure it out but I didn’t have to in my heart because God was in charge of my life now and I liked it that way.

Up to a certain point in our lives we do need to be in charge of ourselves, if we aren’t then Satan will step in where we are faltering. However, the main person hanging on to the lead rope should never change. It should always be Jesus. A decision we will never regret. You can run your life through Jesus or let your life run you. The choice is ours but the consequences will be ours too for all eternity if we don’t have the right person in the front to follow, Jesus Christ.

Copyright 2008 Karen J. Gillett @ Pencil Marks and Recipes Publishing

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Shari said...

My oldest daughter and I were talking about something similar today. I was telling her that I'd rather serve God doing such and such. But that He probably wants me to continue serving Him right where He has me. I'm probably not ready to minster in the ways that I really want to and that's why I don't have the resources and circumstances to do so yet. I can't see how effective I am right now, but I need to keep letting Him lead and trusting Him.