Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Don't look at the size of the problem look at the size of God

Karen’s Crossing entry for February 5, 2008

This “catchy saying” was something that I needed to not only read daily but frequently throughout the day. Too easily Satan seems to be able to convince us that our problems are much bigger than they really are. For every seizure I had God seemed to be shrinking in size while my epilepsy got bigger and bigger. It wasn’t a quick lesson to learn but eventually I did the hard way that it was definitely wrong thinking. No matter how big of an issue I thought my epilepsy was it was important that I remind myself of the fact that God was still much bigger.

At one point in my walk Satan had me convinced that 1 John 4:4,5 was some kind of a misprint in the Bible that didn’t pertain to me. Wrong again Karen! “You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.” It did pertain to me especially due to the fact that I was a child of God and had been since I was a young teenager.

Praise the Lord this is a promise open to everyone who is a child from God. Thanks to Him who is in us we can overcome the one who is the world, Satan. The only time our vision gets distorted in this case is when we start to look at the size of the problem instead of the size of God. Nothing is impossible to God. He is bigger than any problem life can throw at us. He doesn’t need us. We need Him on our side. The choice is ours. If it takes daily frequent reminders then so be it because the time is now to start looking in the right direction, towards God instead of our problems.

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Anonymous said...

What an excellent testimony. I like the title of your post, too. God sometimes does look small when our problems look big. I think it's all about that daily renewal that we can have with Him that keeps Him where He should be. It is so easy to get off track when times are tough, though.

I'm so glad you participated in IOW today! I love reading how God works in the lives of others!!