Thursday, January 31, 2008

Come Accepting not Demanding

Karen’s Crossing entry for January 31, 2008

It’s funny how it seems like we come into this world already in the demanding mode. We demand to be fed, have our diapers changed, be picked up, laid down to sleep, and so much more. If raised properly we soon learn in life that we can’t be so demanding of others. There’s certain things we need to demand of ourselves but always thinking we can get away with demanding all we want in life is not acceptable.

God doesn’t raise spoiled rotten kids. He spoils us that’s for sure but not to the point that its all about us and no one else. If I was going to have any hope at conquering my stress seizures I was going to have to come at it face-on with an attitude of acceptance. Accepting the fact that I had epilepsy instead of demanding the revenge I thought I was entitled to once I learned the cause. Accepting the cause rather than insist on the cure I decided I deserved.

I needed to accept instead of reject the idea that I had to do my part in this whole ordeal if I was going to move forward instead of backwards. Something I needed to remind myself of daily until I was able to form in my own heart a kind of AA club entitled, “Acceptance Anonymous.” Accepting what was going on in my life released a great deal of stress giving me room to move towards the cure I wanted so badly.

Just as important as accepting what is going on instead of demanding this and that is the balance that needs to be struck here. The balance between accepting things that are happening and doing nothing about it or accepting what we have and going from there. I could have acknowledged the fact that I had epilepsy to the point that I didn’t do anything about it but where would that have taken me? Nowhere! Just like someone who accepts they are an alcoholic or obese and goes on drinking and eating it’s a dead-end road.

God wants us to be content. He likes it when we aren’t always trying to get what we want through demanding it. However, He does expect us to take what we have and do something with it. We can’t be trying to justify our feelings of non-acceptance by irrational thinking. It doesn’t come easy but if we don’t give up it will come. If you think I accepted my stress seizure situation right off I hate to disappoint you but I didn’t. Someone had done me wrong therefore what I felt and what actions I wanted to take to get even was justified. Wrong again!

What I needed to do was accept what life had dealt me. Take it and do something with it. God was the path, the strength I needed to endure, and the solution to this worldwide epidemic called stress. The first move was mine, the first move is yours, don’t delay join AA today. Oh I made rhyme! Ha, Ha. Poetic or not come to God, give up your right to demand and watch yourself ,grow spiritually healthy in the Lord.

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