Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Already Paid, Already Qualified

The job search was on. I was told that I was going to have to sell myself to the places I was turning my application in to. Newly cured of my epilepsy that had me disabled for 12 years I was a bit out of touch when it came to job searching. Unsure of what I needed to write in my resume’ I sat down at my computer and I came up with what I hoped was something that would sell myself well enough to get the job I needed or wanted.

As I sat there strained from the activity of finding the right words, mixed with words of prayer, I began to think about the Lord. I thought about how thankful I was that I didn't have to make out a resume' to sell myself to Him. He bought me just as I was. In spite of the thankfulness of not having to write one I decided to take on the challenge. I wanted to see what it would have looked like if it was required prior to baptism. Giving it my best shot here is what I came up with as my resume' to God.

Address: Powell Butte, OR
Date: June 1, 1971

CAREER OBJECTIVES: My aim or goal in my career as a Christian is to give my best to my work and employer in the field of Christian Stewardship.

SCHOOLING: Sunday school, Powell Butte Christian Church, July 1958 to June 1971
Degrees: None
Daily Vacation Bible School, Powell Butte Christian Church, June 1963-1971
Degrees: VBS graduate, helper, and teacher of 2-3 yr olds
School of Hard Knocks “Life”---Still attending
Degrees: Nothing yet.

EXPERIENCE: Very little at the age of twelve.

STRENGTHS AND ATTRIBUTES: I'm not to sure if I have any strengths in me Lord but I'm sure I can contribute some way to your family Father God if you would let me in.

REFERENCES: Mom and dad, Powell Butte
The preacher, Penny Penhollow, Redmond
My Sunday School Teachers

Cover Letter

Let me introduce myself, my name is Karen. I am a 12-year-old girl raised on a ranch here in the Central Oregon area. I have some experience in the church; my parents have been taking me to Sunday School and church for 12 years now. I only have one scripture memorized it’s John 3:16 but I am working on learning the Lord’s Prayer, and the 23rd Psalm.

I know I fight a lot with my one brother and three sisters but I don't mean to. I try to read my Bible whenever I get a chance. I may not be as good of a Christian as the preachers kids and grandkids are but I am doing my best. I’m not one who talks a great deal so I don’t know if my prayers are worded like they should be but I promise I will work on that too. I’m sorry for the things that I may do wrong in my life, like that beer my cousins and I took out of my Uncle’s refrigerator to drink, and the naughty trick my brother and I played on our neighbor Joy.

I would like to be baptized on July 4, 1971 if you would have me Lord. I’m a hard worker. I don’t have any experience at all yet in being a Christian. I do love my neighbor though as the Bible tells me to, her name is Joy; she's the one I played the trick on. I don't know how to type yet but my handwriting is improving according to my teacher Mrs. Stafford. Maybe if there is something you need I can write it up for you! I don't think I’m smart enough, or old enough yet to teach but I’m sure there is something I could do to help out if you would let me into your family. Maybe I could sweep the church floors, I know how to wash clothes, and milk cows. I'm really not that much trouble ask my mom and dad but don’t ask my brother or sisters.

Please Lord will you think about letting me in, I promise I will try my best. I don't mean to sound pushy but could you let me know maybe in a few days before the 4th of July so I could be baptized on that day!

Thank you so much. I hope I didn't bug you,


It didn't take me long to visualized the response I would get. I could hear the Lord speak up to me almost instantly. Here were His words to me:

“Karen, my little one, you said in your resume' that you know one scripture, John 3:16. Repeat it to yourself right now and listen to the words you are saying. Right in that verse alone tells you, my child that I loved the world so much that I gave my one and only begotten Son to “whosoever believeth.” You believe don’t you? You don’t have to answer that Karen; I already know your heart.

Truly Karen, if you have been going to church as long as you said you should know by now that you don't have to sell yourself to me I already paid the price for you. Thousands of years before your little blonde 12-year-old soul came into being I already was purchasing it with the blood of my son, Jesus Christ.

I want you to read a scripture from Romans; it's a book in the New Testament about half way through or so. Paul wrote it for me. It is Romans 5:8 that tells you that while you were still sinners I demonstrated my love for you by the death of Jesus Christ. It was so great to hear that you have been waiting eagerly to be adopted as one of my sons or daughters that’s what I like to hear! You can read about that in Romans while you are there in 8:23 and 9:4. In Ephesians, which is, the 4th book to the right of Romans read chapter 1 verse 5.

The best I can say Karen is that you are eligible to be called one of my children. You qualified not because you meet all the qualifications, or did everything you were suppose to do or had the right kind of experience. It’s because you believe in me that's all I ask my dear child. I know you really don't mean to do a lot of things you do, I had an apostle that was that way. He was the one that wrote several books for me in the Bible. You can read about him in Romans 7: 18-20 and how he struggled himself with sin. Peter was another one who had his struggles with believing and faith. Did you read about him in Matthew 14:22-33 trying to walk on water without staying focused on me? He fell in! Yes a true ambidextrous kind of a man with the ability to stick both feet in his mouth yet he turned out rather well himself.

It's important to remember Karen that I came to save the sinners as I Timothy 1:15 and many more say. It's what you do after you have accepted me into your life that really matters to me. Once you’ve come in to the family, my child, I will give you the Holy Spirit to help you with that part. Again my little one, you don't have to sell yourself to me, I already paid! I'm so glad I did too as I look upon what I have purchased. Go ahead and join the family July 4, 1971, the sooner the better.

I love you, Karen.”

Forever yours,

Your Heavenly Father

CLOSING THOUGHT: Praise the Lord that we don’t have to sell ourselves to God He already paid. We already are qualified if only we would believe and accept Him into our lives and live accordingly thereafter. Unlike searching for a job where it turns out to be a task of telling the people what they want to hear, the only thing God wants to hear is “I believe and I choose to live my life in Christ instead of being on the outside always looking in.” Don’t delay, there’s never a better time than today to join God’s family since yesterday is gone, and tomorrow may never show up.

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