Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Signed and Sealed

Years ago when I took an oil painting class the teacher told me that I was not suppose to sign my paintings in the bottom left hand corner because that was reserved for professional artist only. After that whenever I looked at God’s beautiful artwork I started to see His mark of professionalism signed and sealed in the bottom left corner of all His creations.

Resourcefulness so amazing all the way from the roaring ocean with the background sound of seagulls flying high above to the rolling mountain terrains laid out in blankets of green quietly interrupted by an occasional sound of a bird, elk, cricket, or deer calling in the wilderness.

Who but God could do such things? All it takes to answer this is simply tear apart a rose, peel a banana, crack open a walnut, observe the cycle of the seasons, look into the function of the human body and the authenticity of His artwork comes out in the signature He leaves behind.

Reading through the Bible we see where the number 7 comes up frequently enough that people have attributed it to being “God’s number,” the number of completeness. It not only shows up in the Bible it shows up in His creations as well, facts and figures divisible by 7 made by Him, signed and sealed.

For example, the rainbow has 7 colors, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet and a dog’s age is 7 times that of a human. The rotation of our galaxy whirls the sun through space at a speed of 7,000,000 miles per hour. The force of solar gravity at the surface of the sun is 28 times as strong as the pull of gravity on earth. The incubation period of a chicken egg is 21 days. In the earth’s core we find a layer of silicon magnesium that is 700 miles deep. Plus a layer of ultrabasic rocks on top of that 14 miles in thickness. The human body is about 70 per cent water by weight. A kilogram of seawater averages 35 grams of salt.

The Sun, at present, is about 70% hydrogen and 28% helium by mass. The earth’s atmosphere consists of 21% oxygen; its crust is 7% liquid. The ozone layer is 70 kilometers in height above the earth. Pressure at the earth’s surface is approximately 14.7 pounds per minute. Transparent diamond crystals heated in oxygen burn at about 1470 degrees F forming carbon dioxide. It is known that Nitric acid melts at 42 degrees C and zinc melts at about 1400 degrees F.

The Big Dipper is made up of seven stars, a giraffe’s neck has 7 vertebras, and a crab sheds its shell at least 7 times in its lifetime. In the killer whale species they have tail fins which are 7’ wide. Is it any wonder that the eagle, the most named bird in the Bible has a wing span of up to 7’ wide! Who but God!

Praise the Lord that we too in our spiritual lives can be signed and sealed by God, by-products of Him divisible by seven in our daily Christian walk carrying around the evidence of His initiative in all we say and do. The choice is ours. The ability to be divisible by seven lies deep within all of us thanks to the Holy Spirit. The same resourcefulness He used on creation He will use in our lives in amazing ways to accomplish His will and guide His children. Praise the Lord!

Dear Heavenly Father thank you so much for allowing us to be an offshoot of you, having enough faith in us to add the qualities needed to accomplish this goal in our lives. Adding to us and rounding us off where we fall short, taking away what needs to go making us in your love and grace not only signed and sealed but delivered too! Amen.

© 2007 by Karen J. Gillett

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