Saturday, April 7, 2007

An Extension of God

“Do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interest of others. (NAS) Philippians 2:4

We’ve really gotten fancy now-a-days with our extension ladders, expansions on screwdrivers, and other things that the marketplace is full of that are used to make life a little more convenient. But what about the extension of God’s hands, is there a market for that? Yes, and we are it. It’s not found on E-Bay, it’s found in our hearts.

Years ago in the small community I grew up in, there were many times the community came together to help one another out. When a house caught on fire the word and call for help traveled faster than the flames of the fire as everyone came to lend a hand. For every set of hands that was willing to help the whole process became easier and was accomplished quicker.

Recently the ladies in my church did an illustration of Christ being the trunk of the tree and the women of the church were the branches. As more and more women came forward to join and choose to be a participating part of the tree the longer and stronger the branches became. It demonstrated well how long the additions of the branches could become for every person that was willing to give herself to the service of God. The possibilities were endless.

It’s important that we don’t put an end to these potentials by our unwillingness to help as we tuck our elbows in close to our rib cages refusing to reach out to God as well as those around us, planting our feet into the ground hoping that others will go before us in the opportunity to serve the Lord so we won’t have to.

Like the sign up list for the Thanksgiving dinner, we can’t wait till all the big stuff is taken before we sign up or we’ll miss out on a lot of the joy that comes from being a part of the service of the Lord and expressing that appreciation with the chance to serve wherever needed. After all it’s not “what can the church and Christ do for me but what can I do for Christ and the church.” Once we have chosen this to be our thinking we soon begin to sound more and more like Isaiah in Is 8:6 when he spoke up and said, “Here I am. Send me!”

The work is endless and so are the rewards of taking the time to be a part of the expansion of willing workers going out in to the field into job opportunities ranging any where from missionaries, preachers, teachers, caregivers, helpful hands, cooks, housekeepers, listening ears, encouragers, or anything else that aids in the extension of the Hands of God.

It starts in our hearts and that’s where it needs to stay. It’s not about us; it’s not at our convenience. It’s all about God and serving Him with a strong heart and a cheerful mind in whatever way we can, helping to close the gap between God and His children by allowing ourselves to be that one little extension in the ladder that gets people further up the rungs in life and closer to God.

Reaching out effectively begins first with reaching up.

© 2007 by Karen J. Gillett

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