Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Clothed in Christ

Hidden deep in the book of John Jesus made a statement saying, “Whoever had seen Him had seen the Father.” In other words He was living His life in such a way that He was the perfect picture of the Lord himself. Even Paul in 1 Corinthians 4:16 boldly stated himself that he urged everyone to imitate him. He definitely was living his life in such a way, in Christ, that was setting an example for others to follow and he encouraged them to do so.

Unfortunately today the way some people live their lives it’s more of a statement of “Do what I say not what I do.” That’s not the way our Christian lives should be, as we are to follow the example left behind by Jesus from the life He lived here on earth. The scriptures encourage us to clothe ourselves in Christ to the point that we even share His attitude.

In order to do this we need to know Christ on a much more intimate level. It’s up to us to take it beyond the loving, forgiving person who died for our sins as we go further into a much bigger example set by Him. His illustration of patience, caring, confrontation, someone who knew where to put forth His efforts, observant, and so much more in a list too long to record. Yet it’s one that needs to be documented in our lives and in our hearts as we follow in His steps doing the best we can in order for those around us to see Christ the way He needs to be shown.

My oldest granddaughter asked me once if she could have my wedding dress that was housed in my hopechest in order to remember me by. Thinking about what she said one night I wrote a note to my grandchildren that said, “When I’m gone my dear children look to Jesus and you will see me if I have lived my life as I should have, walking as Jesus walked.”

Is your faith worth imitating or is your faith mocking the Lord and what he stood for? On a daily basis examine your own actions and thoughts and ask yourself, “What Characteristic of Christ is that?” If you can’t name it or find it in Christ you shouldn’t have done it if you are truly following the example of Christ.

Remember Christ so that He becomes your pattern,
so that you are the reproduction of Himself,
and so the best memorial of Him.
May your Spiritual example of being clothed in Christ remind you
daily of the importance of the service to God in which you are a part.

© 2007 by Karen J. Gillett

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